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VGG Streamversary: Kirby galaxy paint and sip art tutorial with Rincs

A look at the two-year VGG Streamversary and our community gallery of out-of-this-world Kirbys!

We're grateful for every Video Games Are Good milestone we get to celebrate with our community. However long you've been along for the ride with us, thank you so much for being a part of it!

Two years ago, we jumped into streaming — for good this time, after stops and starts in years past. One of our favorite parts of the journey has been making a big deal of special occasions that bring our community together. So, to celebrate VGG's two-year anniversary on Twitch.TV, we threw a big bash on our channel and hosted a good old "paint and sip" stream with the assistance of artist extraordinaire, VGG supporter, and game dev Rincs!

We kicked off the day with a time-limited run-through of the DLC for one of our favorite games from last year, Escape Academy, which included moments like... this.

You can watch this whole segment on YouTube!

After our narrow escape from Anti-Escape Island, the academy changed course.

We opened the main event: a community-wide painting class with Rincs, where we each created a galaxy scene featuring the pink puff we all love, Kirby! Step by step, we all inevitably found our way to some amazing pieces of art thanks to Rincs' insightful instruction, and it was a great time. Our community got creative with whatever materials they had on hand: Watercolors, acrylic paint, colored pencils, digital art, pixel art, and makeup! Even a creative duo of hamsters got involved! Explore the gallery and check out each piece of art below. We invite you to share some love with the artists by joining our Discord.


We begin the showcase with our excellent art instructor, Rincs!

A painted illustration by the artist Rincs, depicting Kirby riding a star through a painted galaxy scene.

Here's what our VGG household — Nate, Fern, and Momtoid — came up with.


Next, the stellar (pun intended) works of our stream guests: Fishpaste, TheShizame, VGG Art Director Crispy, and Kirby.


Here are the beautiful paintings from our hamster guests: Asher and Chidi.

(They were guided over a tiny canvas with paint globs closed up within a sandwich bag— watch this clip of the process for ultimate cuteness.)


Finally, a spotlight on all of our community members who joined us from home and created absolute wonders. Thank you all for sharing your works of art!

Hover over each one for the artist and medium.


Thanks for celebrating with us and showing your support. If you'd like to join our streams and special events in the future, follow us on Twitch, join our Discord, and become a part of our amazing and creative community! Missed out on the live experience? You can still follow along with Rincs' art lesson by catching the full paint and sip stream on our YouTube below. Also, be sure to follow her on Twitter to keep up with news about her own art and gaming streams, what games she's working on, and learn about her commissions and Patreon rewards!


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