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Welcome to "video games are good!"

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Hi! Welcome to "video games are good," a blog meant to evoke the best vibes and where the writers practice a little bit of reckless optimism.

For more about the nitty gritty on the birth of this space and where the name comes from, check out the About page.

What can you expect on this page? Simple content, reviews, weekly news wrap-ups, and weird features about my favorite games. Every month, we'll also be showcasing a new fun Top 10 with a unique goofy theme and . We're kicking it off as generically as we can as we call for curtain on 2020 with my personal Top 10 Games of 2020. The list will be fully updated in December, so go check out the sneaky little ???s waiting for you there.

Send me an email with feedback, what you want me to write about, how RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED YOU ARE ABOUT THE SITE, and more at! Can't wait to talk to you all and share my weird weird thoughts here.

And don't forget...

video games are good.

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