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Logo for the website, video games are good. Features the site's acronym, vgg, with the V in the shape of a thumbs up.

video games are good champions the positive in the video games industry.


Our niche and our purpose is to practice unbound optimism and generous compassion. Without diminishing the undeniable harm that can exist within the industry, we aim to uplift the hard work poured into our favorite games, support the natural human drive for creativity and storytelling, amplify diverse creators, and push for healthier and unionized work environments.


We live for the hype and love to share it.


Join our community on Discord and dive into games with us live on Twitch.


Nate Hermanson (he/him)

Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Vibes Master

Nate is a professional hype man for games, dogs, and his loved ones. With over a decade of professional writing credits both online and in print, he decided to kick his cushy city job to the side to rejoin the luxurious life of the gaming press. Between streaming and writing, Nate is committed to shining a spotlight on the best and brightest in this industry. He is always growing and learning and he can't wait to see what the future of VGG has in store.


P.S. Nate's favorite games are Final Fantasy 8, MLB The Show, and the memory of Team Fortress 2. He wants you to know he loves the San Diego Padres and TV's greatest mystery box, LOST. He will accept no questions at this time. Bio pic by Rincs!

An Animal Crossing style portrait of video games are good's Editor-in-Chief, Nate. Just out of frame, he is seen holding a watermelon and wearing an Easy Allies hoodie.
A commissioned piece of artwork of video games are good's Deputy Editor, Julie. They are depicted as a Stardew Valley farmer with an Eevee on their shoulder and an avocado being held up above them.

Julie Cooper (they/them)

Deputy Editor

It started as an exam-week infatuation with the restful escapism of Stardew Valley. It became an entry point to new artistic worlds... and the launchpad for 500+ hours spent tending grandpa's old farm. Julie is lovingly called a wordsmith by some (okay, one) and not so lovingly called a know-it-all by others. Their purpose in life is to care for their sweet labpei Phyllis and read romance novels in a sun-bathed reading nook. On the side, they're a writer, editor, and marketer in higher ed and public-service orgs.

Some of their other favorite games are Tribes of Midgard, Knockout City, No Man's Sky, KeyWe, Say No! More, Phasmophobia (surprising, I know), and every farming and cooking sim that has ever existed. Bio pic by Noah!

Christine "Crispy" Hoang (they/them)

Art Director/Visual Vibes Master

Crispy is a multifaceted artist who takes inspiration from some of their favorite games, webcomics, and animations. Illustrating and designing for non-profit organizations is their day job. While they may also do this in their freelancing work, they hope to start taking regular commissions to build their character design portfolio as they work on other personal projects (stay tuned for their webcomic and hamster merch).


Their favorite games include Hades, Persona 5 Royal, Inscryption, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Portal 2. Any roguelite, TRPG, deckbuilder, farming sim, and management game is likely a win. Right now, Crispy is slashing away at trash in the deep waters of Coral Island and busting out moves to beat thugs with style in Yakuza 0. Bio pic also by Crispy.



We are so lucky to have a community as tight and supportive as ours! The following names are of all of our generous supporters on Patreon. Check out their individual works at the links below! Pledge today to get your name listed amongst these stars! 

Ben Hamlin / Sufficient Owls


Kat "Pootato Bandit"


Glory "Mercutiglo"

Writer, Podcaster, Streamer

Any press inquiries?

As a fledgling member of the press, we are always looking for new partnerships with public relations companies, game developers, and other media members. For immediate response, email Nate Hermanson, He will get back to you within 24 hours under normal circumstances and 72 hours during high traffic work weeks. Contacting us does not guarantee coverage.

Do you want to write for us?

We're always​ open to new pitches and consistent writers on the site. We're broke, so unfortunately we can only take volunteer submissions at this point. So we totally get it if you'd rather take your work elsewhere, but if you're still curious, consider dropping us a line at


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