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An Update: 1/15/21

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Oh uh hi...

It's... been a while.

Let me explain.

An edited meme image depicting a car salesman pitching a prospective buyer on a car. Edited on top of the car is a poorly scaled image of video games are good's Editor-in-Chief, Nate. Text on the top of the screen reads "car salesman: this bad boy can fit so much fucking stressful, attention-consuming, chaotic stuff."

Since the beginning of December, my family and I have been dealing with some interesting shenanigans. COVID scares, a sudden need to move houses, sickness in general, and lots of anxiety. Our house was infested with mice that had taken CONTROL of all living spaces and made us uneasy no matter where we were. It was a rollercoaster from there and within a few weeks, we were able to negotiate a mutual release from our lease, we toured a new place, and as of the 13th, had officially moved in.

With all that happening, it was hard to do much of anything other than worry, watch YouTube videos, and worry some more. I barely touched anything new in gaming, retreating to my comfort food games (Hades, MLB The Show, Madden) to find some semblance of calm.

But I'm back! I want to stream very soon, I want to get back to writing, I want to keep the momentum going we had back at launch!

I'm still a little hindered as our internet isn't technically turned on and we're existing off of free wifi hotspots provided by our internet service provider, but I promise you new content in the next week or so!

Thanks for supporting us! We'll be back soon! Love you all and don't forget...

video games are good.

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