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ANNOUNCING: The VGG Cozy Gamers Campout

Video Games are Good's 1st Anniversary Stream

Nov. 20 - 21

Noon - 12 AM (Additional 12 hours possible with Patreon Pledges)

Online at

There’s a chill in the air and a bite in the night. It’s been a full year and the timing is right. 👀

VGG is turning one year old on Nov. 22! We’re celebrating this wacky and wild ride, VGG’s success so far and some incredible milestones ahead — with a cozy, special guest-packed virtual campout stream with all of our biggest supporters, old friends and new friends and you friends.

A square graphic with an animated hand-drawn campfire with the event time, date and description and link to

Our VGG Cozy Gamers Campout is a 12+ hour livestream event beginning at noon PST on Saturday, Nov. 20, with the possibility to expand into a full-blown 24-hour marathon!

We’re so excited to collaborate with some of our closest buds (both personal and professional) to bring an amazing lineup of games; competitive, collaborative, and even party games you can join in on!

Even more amazing news: This stream marks the launch of our VGG Patreon.

We are so appreciative of all of your support thus far, and we’re excited to be able to offer you some perks in return. (This is also an avenue for our community to support us without feeding the Bezos monster via Amazon-owned Twitch.)

But wait… there’s more! Live on stream during the VGG Cozy Campout, we’ll be revealing the first-ever video games are good merch! We’re so pleased with our first designs from VGG’s amazing artist collaborators and can't wait to see folks sporting them out and about.

So, how does this “12+ hours” thing work, exactly?

Our cozy campsite stream team and guests have committed to a full 12-hour stream schedule from noon to midnight at For every $20 earned across Patreon and merch sales, you can help add another hour to the counter, challenging our endurance in up to a full 24-hour consecutive stream! With your support, the cozy vibes can last one whole day of livestreaming goodness.

Grab your blankies and marshmallows and something chocolatey, then get ready for a celebration of the past year of gaming, VGG games coverage and exciting growth alongside this amazing community of family, friends, and game enthusiasts.

We'll see ya under the stars!


Campout schedule

Subject to change. All listed times in PST.

Noon - 1 pm

Camp Kickoff: Patreon and Merch Launch

1 - 2 pm

Field Day: VGG Staff Animal Crossing Island Tours

2 - 5 pm

Inter-Camp Tournament: VGG vs. Infinity Break


VGG GOTY Nominations

5 - 7 pm

Campfire Gathering: Jackbox Party Pack 8



7 - 10 pm

Ghost Stories: Phasmophobia

10 pm - 12 am

Camp Counselors Gone Wild: Mario Party Superstars

The following schedule can be unlocked hourly by your merch purchases and Patreon pledges:

12 - 4 am

Camp Counselors Gone Cozy: Unpacking (Full Playthrough)

4 - 11 am

Stargazing: Guardians of the Galaxy Pt. 1

11 am - Noon

Final Campfire Breakfast: ChefSquad


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