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Silver screen brawlin': Knockout City Season 2 coming July 27

You know it. We know it. We don't have the mega writing team and resources to cover every piece of gaming news for VGG. But our dodgeball-obsessed team couldn't let news about Knockout City Season 2 slip by without tossing it your way. So... see you on the ballin' brawlin' battlefield?

A lit up cityscape at night, with skyscrapers and digital billboards. One building has massive cracks running diagonally like it was slashed by the large, grimacing robot suspended nearby in mid-jump.

Grab your popcorn and settle in for Fight at the Movies, the second nine-week season for multiplayer dodgeball brawler Knockout City.

A new trailer (of the classic "in a world..." sort) dropped during EA Play Live, a showcase that also brought news and reveals about Apex Legends, Battlefield Portal, the Dead Space remake, Lost in Random, and more.

Promising a movie-themed Season 2, Velan Studios' team-based competitive multiplayer game brings a new map into the folds of its simultaneously futuristic and flashy retro universe. Holowood Drive-in will be an exciting addition to the fast-paced battlefields — because, by the looks of it, it's the game's first dynamic arena.

The trailer shows the new map changing in real time between recognizable movie sets: monster-trashed cityscapes, pyramids, Gothic cathedrals, romantic bridges, ancient arenas, and a larger-than-life-size child's bedroom. High above it all, flying cars hover drive-in style to watch the teensy brawlers have their little fun.

It's a great move to keep engaging players who have been with KO City from launch and may be itching for a new playing field. This one new map will feel like many, as players will have to adapt to the shifting terrain to locate dodgeball spawn locations, high-ground vantage points and tactical hiding spots.

Players will also get a refreshing addition to the lineup of special balls that feature unique attack mechanics: the Soda Ball. In a splashy area-of-effect explosion, it covers enemies' screens with a soda sludge to create a sticky situation, preventing visibility amid the chaos of the match.

Following the game's new silver screen theme, Season 2 will also bring new gear, skins, rewards, events, contracts, playlists (different types of matches with unique goals and strategies), and the introduction of a new daily login bonus, according to a June press release.

The competitive brawler's first season brought in millions of players, helped in part by its ongoing free-to-play status up until a player hits Street Rank 25, offering multiple hours of gameplay to acclimate new players.

It also boasts full cross-play and cross-progression, so players can team up via PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

If high-stress first-person shooters aren't your competitive cup of tea — if, like me, they make you frustrated, sweaty-palmed and sailor-mouthed — the slightly less-violent Knockout City might be the stuff for you.

Season 2 updates are coming to all current platforms on July 27. Season 3 is set to deliver more new content in the fall, followed by Season 4 in the winter.

A screenshot from the end of the Knockout City Season 2 trailer. On the left, a multi-toned purple background is overlaid with text: "Knockout City Season 2 Fight at the Movies July 27th." On the right, a robot person sits in a pod-shaped chair and pets an armadillo.


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