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Introducing... video games are good 2.0

Welcome to video games are good 2.0. A visual overhaul, a daily posting schedule, and a refocused strategy are just some of the pieces that make up this exciting reboot.

For those who have been along for the ride since our launch in December 2020, consider this a new era for the site at large. For those joining us for the first time, we hope you'll enjoy your time here and choose to stick around.

The redesigned logo for video games are good. VGG is depicted with a redesigned pink thumb shaped like a V.

video games are good is a team of folks who champion the best parts of gaming, without diminishing the toxicity that can exist within the industry.

After our initial launch, we soon realized we weren't ready to commit to long-term support of the blog and found ourselves in a temporary hiatus. We took some time away, reimagined our dreams for the site, and came back a few weeks ago with some brand-new content.

Since our return just a short time ago, we've written nearly 24,000 words across 18 new posts. We covered the whole of E3 (both in writing and on our stream), reviewed games, and started a new mini-preview series. All of this work reignited a spark that manifested in the site you see before you! We have a hugely renewed sense of excitement for VGG — and if our numbers say anything, you do too!

A few months back, we began talking with our Art Director, Christine "Crispy" Hoang, about giving the site a new coat of paint. We knew all along that VGG's visual identity would be important to our overall mission, so we dedicated a lot of time to building it anew as a team.

Working with Crispy has been a dream and we're so thankful for all of their efforts. The site looks AMAZING and we love scrolling through. Our journey to this refreshed look was a long one, but we eventually landed on this lava lamp-inspired vibe with our beautiful pastel color palette. We hope it brings you a sense of joy and warmth every time you stop in to visit VGG!

Thank you to everyone who's supported us. We hope you'll tag along for the ride and see where we go next. Video games are the greatest art form around and we're enjoying an unparalleled era of technology and artistry. We're dedicated to showing you every bit of it!

Read below for our overall change log to track all of the new updates we've made since your last visit.

Change Log:

  • New About Us page. Read our updated description and brand-new staff bios! (We are still open to new team members on a volunteer basis. Email for more.)

  • New social media. We've got official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Follow us to stay up to date!

  • And last but not least, a brand-new Discord server. Join us to hang out with your friendly neighborhood VGG staff, discuss games and art of all forms in a welcoming community, and learn about all the things coming to VGG before anyone else.

With the big redesign, we're launching a week of new reviews! We're kicking things off today with a review of the emotionally impactful A Minute of Islands. Stop by later today for Deputy Editor Julie's preview of the adorable Bear and Breakfast and consider stopping by today's stream to celebrate the relaunch with Nate and crew at 5 PM PST!

Thank you for making this so damn fun, y'all.


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