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E3 2021 Mini-Preview: A tiny look at a tiny frog in Frogsong

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

As part of our E3 coverage, we'll be providing a few mini-previews for games that we were compelled to check out further after they caught our attention at one of the events. Many of these games have free demos, so check them out yourselves and let us know what you think!

A little chap draped in green walks into town at just the right time, witnessing the birth of some great evil. They aren't the best warrior around, but they will have to find a way against all odds and save the day. Underestimated by most, they muster up the courage and head straight into the danger with a tiny sword at their side.

No, I'm not talking about Link's usual origin story, I'm talking about Chorus' — the tiny tree frog who stars as the protagonist of the charming action-adventure game, Frogsong.

An animated gif of an idle animation in the upcoming release, Frogsong. Flowers sway in the wind, with bits of pollen floating through the air. In the center of the screen, a frog bobs his head.

Frogsong made an appearance during the Wholesome Games Direct 2021 and made an immediate impression. Adorable little frog fights against angry bugs and their own insecurities? Sign me up.

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long to give the game a shot, as Frogsong is one of 100+ games that has a demo available for the duration of the Steam Next Fest. The demo offers a solid 30 minutes of gameplay, letting you experience what I imagine to be a chunk of the game's opening.

Right out of the gate, the game's charm quite literally leaps off of the screen. With an art style reminiscent of a jollier and brighter Hollow Knight, Chorus explores an isometric landscape to fight bugs and make pals.

As a tree frog, society expects Chorus to pursue religious studies. But that's not what our little buddy wants, and the start of the game has them heading into a new town, Boreala, to join the Defense Guild in spite of their small physique.

The town and its villagers are instantly endearing. There's the humble and supportive three-legged village leader, Elder Bufo. A welcoming gay couple who give you pie when you introduce yourself. The equally insecure next-in-line for Bufo's seat, Rana. These adorable hand-drawn characters are bound to steal your heart as much as our spirited and protective protagonist.

Gameplay is fairly simple. Chorus is able to swing a dagger and dodge around, and I suspect their moves and weapons will get more involved as their defense training progresses. You've got a fairly large inventory at the start, a shopkeep to visit, and the promise of a few intriguing puzzles. The pieces are there for an exciting and heartfelt froggy adventure.

Frogsong is planned for a 2022 release and is currently gathering support on Kickstarter. Give the demo a try, and if you like what you see, hop over to back this imaginative hand-drawn RPG, created by Brandon Braun, an animator from Canada.

Keep an eye on this little friend's escapades. I have a feeling this unexpected hero and found-family story will be a special experience for players when it comes time for the game's release.

An animated gif of an idle animation in the upcoming release, Frogsong. Grass sways in the wind and a giant frog sits in a hole, bouncing as time passes. The main character treefrog bobs just in front of the giant frog.

Can't wait to play it? Get the demo today and let us know what you think. Curious about what kinds of games Frogsong was presented with? Check out our article covering all of the presentations from Day 1 of E3 weekend.

Hang out with us live on Twitch as we react to this week's reveals in real time. We'll be live for most of Sunday's events (June 13), a few select showings on Monday, and Tuesday's lineup.


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