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E3 2021: VGG Coverage Index

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

32+ events, six days, hundreds of games, all the hype. E3 week means gaming announcements of all sizes and we're here to help you catch all the news at a glance.

E3 is a hectic time. We're here to make it easier. There's tons of content going up every day this week and we want to make sure you have the chance to catch it all. This article will be updated with our new E3-adjacent features as the week goes on, so bookmark it and keep your eyes peeled for all new posts as they go live!

An edited image of the official promo art for E3 2021. Just above the portion that reads E3, a protective face mask is edited on top. Text reads: Online. Interactive. Worldwide. Game On. June 12-15, 2021.

What will a COVID-era E3 look like? Here are our predictions and expectations for the week of digital showcases, plus the plans so far that make us go "WTF?"

Summer Games Fest host Geoff Keighley is shown celebrating the reveal of From Software game, Elden Ring. With his fist in the air, Geoff Keighley stands in front of and above screens that showcase Elden Ring's promotional art.

Geoff Keighley kicked off pre-E3 events with Summer Game Fest, revealing over 30 announcements, trailers, interviews and news items.

A promotional image for the Double Fine and I Am 8 Bit sponosored independent games showcase, Day of the Devs. Their Day of the Dead inspired skull logo is centered in the image. Text reads: Double Fine and I Am 8 Bit present Day of the Devs. Summer Game Fest Edition.

Double Fine's Day of the Devs digital event was an unexpected dopamine rush from beginning to end — with more than a dozen exciting and diverse indie games, there's something for everyone.

A piece of promotional art for the Tribeca Games Showcase. With their logo in the center, several games are shown in sliced rectangles. Games shown are: Kena Bridge of Spirits, Signalis, Lost in Random, Twelve Minutes, Sable, NORCO, Harold Halibut, and The Big Con.

Read about the eight strong contenders for the inaugural Tribeca Games Award, to be judged on their artistry, storytelling and immersion by entertainment and gaming industry legends.

An edited image shows the logos for a variety of E3 showcases over the top of a tier list ranking image. Bars for letter grades between S and F are stacked on top of eachother. The E3 showcases shown are: Wholesome Direct 2021, Guerilla Collective 2, Gearbox Software Showcase, Future of Play Show, Ubisoft Forward, and the Devolver Digital Max Pass Plus Showcase.

Official E3 is here! We ranked Day 1 showcases: Guerilla Collective 2, Wholesome Games, Future of Play, Ubisoft Forward, Devolver Digital and Gearbox.

An animated gif of an idle animation in the upcoming release, Frogsong. Flowers sway in the wind, with bits of pollen floating through the air. In the center of the screen, a frog bobs his head.

We always root for an underdog. An underfrog, if you will. Here's what to expect from the tiny frog hero Chorus in Frogsong. Demo out now.

A promotional image for the upcoming release, IMMORTALITY. It shows three burning movie posters against a black background. The movie posters are for the game's main character's unreleased films.

Another day, another 100+ games showcased. After showcases from Microsoft, Bethesda, Square-Enix, the PC Gaming Show and the Future Gaming Show, here are the seven games that stood out to the VGG staff.

A promotional image for the upcoming release, TOEM. With a comic book art style and an isometric view, you see a forest landscape with a number of forest ranger characters scattered throughout the scene. A cabin is seen and just in front of it, the main character stands at the top of a staircase..

Help your community, observe natural wonders and get snapping in photography adventure TOEM. Check out our early access mini-review for the demo, which goes live for everyone during the Steam Next Fest June 16 - 22.

A promotional image from the trailer for the new character release for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It shows Tekken character Kazuya holding Kirby at the edge of a cliff, with the intention of throwing the pink puff off the cliff.

With the Nintendo Direct and a final round of indie games, E3 drew to a close. Many players were upset with the week's overall experience, but was it really that bad? VGG hopes to help focus in on the good at E3 2021 and highlights the Nintendo announcements that are, actually, a pretty huge deal.

The title screen for Unbeatable White Label. In anime style, a pink-haired character stands inside a train and the green bench reads "Quit," "Options," and "Play."

Meet UNBEATABLE, the "undeniably stylish and invariably punk" two button rhythm game with a surprising amount of story. In UNBETABLE, Beat and her bandmates will not only rock through songs, but spend time writing together in their hometown and hanging out. Check out our thoughts inside and try the demo out for yourself!

A pink octopus with cute anime style eyes sits on the blue floor of the sushi factory.

Simple chaos. Sticky tentacles. Deeply satisfying destruction. Get free of the sushi factory in physics-based puzzler Octarina.

VGG E3 2021 Video Content


Hang out with us live on Twitch as we react to this week's reveals in real time. We'll be live for most of Sunday's events (June 13), a few select showings on Monday, and Tuesday's lineup.

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