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Video Games Are Good 2021 Game of the Year Award Revealed!

Video games are good.

Some video games are so good that they’re able to tap into your fears, get your blood pumping, and push your reflexes to the limit.

Some video games are so good that they are able to transport you into an entirely different life from yours, strengthening your empathy and telling unique stories.

And some video games are so good that they capture things you didn’t know you were looking for, pieces of history and mythology you didn’t know you were invested in, and memories of a bygone era polished for today’s world.

Our Game of the Year though… is something special that reshaped the way we interacted with art and resparked a belief in our own ability to create it.

We’re proud to announce that VGG’s inaugural Game of the Year is...

Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

The love we have for this game is so strong that, undoubtedly, many of you knew this announcement was coming.

From the minute we started playing, we knew this game was special. It’s got everything! It’s got so much heart. It’s got a style that you have a hand in crafting. And its game design is so damn clever that it’s constantly surprising you as it evolves.

Painting in a world that’s gone colorless, Chicory takes one simple concept and elevates it constantly.

There are puzzles that’d make Link blush, combat that amps things up to an unexpectedly tense degree, and a world made for exploring that we dare you not to go for completion in.

All of these things add up to an incredible, sometimes meditative, sometimes wondrously chaotic experience that stole our hearts.

Painting our way through the endlessly charming fields of the Picnic Province was a privilege, and we invite everyone to give it a visit, because… video games are good and Chicory: A Colorful Tale is… THE Good Game of 2021.

Congratulations and thank you to Greg Lobanov, Madeline Berger, Lena Raine, Alexis Dean-Jones, A Shell in the Pit, and Finji. Keep making amazing art and we’ll keep playing it.

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