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Video Games Are Good 3.0 is here!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Welcome to video games are good 3.0. After reaching our first birthday, we decided to kick things up a notch around here and make some exciting new moves.

We've got merch.

We've got a Patreon.

We've got a Zachy.

The VGG logo that depicts a thumbs up and the letters GG. The thumbs up is meant to represent the V in VGG.

video games are good 2.0 was a visual reboot. The first of a few changes to signify that this site was the real deal. That we were in it for the long haul. VGG 3.0 is us backing that up with a few huge changes.

First of all, we've got MERCH. We knew from day one that we wanted to rep the amazing design work created for VGG 2.0 by Art Director Christine Hoang — and the day of our dreams has finally come. We slapped (okay, carefully arranged) our logo onto some clothes. We slapped our website banner on some other clothes. And we've got tons of ideas for new designs in the pipeline. All merch earnings go toward making VGG a better place to be!

So if you've ever wanted to support us while showing the world how much you believed that video games were good, get your merch RIGHT HERE!

Second up, Patreon! Running a site and considering any kind of growth takes a decent chunk of change and, of course, an immense amount of time and energy. We want to make big steps forward and keep VGG going stronger than ever. So after getting through Year 1 and proving we're here for the long haul, we thought it was time to offer a new and more direct way to support the kinds of things you would like to see on the website and stream.

Becoming one of VGG's Patrons nets you a few fun perks! You can earn the ability to participate in a monthly VGG Q&A, get a special role in our Discord server that'll allow you to participate in a monthly VGG Patron Game Night, and most importantly, you can earn the VGG staff's eternal thanks. Seriously, we worship at your feet.

When we hit certain financial goals, VGG will be looking into adding regular video content to our creative rotation. And maybe even a podcast... stay tuned. 👀 Most importantly, community support will help us unlock the ability to eventually pay incoming writers.

We're looking to grow and morph the Patreon alongside our community, so if you have any feedback or requests pertaining to the Patreon, send them along to

To find out more, visit our Patreon here! If you end up pledging any amount of support, just know that it means the world to us here.

Last, but certainly not least, the Zachy of it all.


A picture of a

Zachy approached us earlier this year about contributing some work to the site and it didn't take long to convince us, with his first pitch proclaiming undying love to 19th-century whaling settings in games. It definitely helps that Zachy is actually a very good writer and a charming lad to boot. Shame about his beak though...

Look forward to seeing more of Zachy's work in Year 2. We're thrilled at the possibility that our VGG staff will continue to expand and bring in new perspectives from folks who love games just as much as we do. Our family's growing day by day, y'all.


VGG 3.0 is the start of something big. I can feel it in my bones. And if you trust in us, we'll continue to provide you with a cozy space to celebrate all that gaming has to offer for as long as you'll have us.

I'm excited for what the future holds and I hope you are too.

Hey, while I have you, you might be lucky enough to catch something REAL special. This post went live just before the VGG Cozy Gamers Campout, a 12-hour stream all in celebration of VGG's birthday/anniversary! If you're reading this the day of, consider stopping by and hanging out with us. You can even make us stay up ALL night. Today only, every $20 contributed to Patreon or spent on merch adds another hour to the stream's total time, up to 24 hours! Don't miss out on the fun — come hang out live on Twitch!


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