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Summer Game Fest 2024: Every game shown at this year's Guerrilla Collective

The key art for the Guerrilla Collective. A cube shows the letters G and C on different faces. Blurred into the background is a dilapidated arcade. There's a general graffiti aesthetic to everything.

On the first day of Summer Game Fest, the Guerrilla Collective showcase didn't just open the floodgates; it plowed right through them. What we like to call a "shotgun blast" of a show, it had a wide spray of games for diverse interests. It certainly had something for everyone, including segments dedicated to RPGs, tactical and strategy games, and a horror block.

There were 73 games shown with plenty of standouts, followed by a publisher spotlight with Joystick Ventures, Assemble Entertainment, and Top Hat Studios that bumped the day's total up to more than 90.

Now in its fifth year, the Media Indie Exchange-hosted Guerrilla Collective is always a sneaky gem of the summer game showcase season, keeping a pretty strong quality of curation despite such a high volume and wide range of games.

Missed out on watching live? You can find a full list of the games shown off at the Guerilla Collective 2024 showcase and brief descriptions below:

  • Wrekless | Fall 2024 Early Access A skateboarding MMO (up to 50 players) where you can can skate and build custom skateparks and minigames together. Developed by Free Range Games.

  • Yooka-Replaylee Yooka-Laylee remaster with remixed and upgraded visuals, controls, abilities, challenges, collectibles, and more. Developed by Playtonic Games.

  • Deathbound | Demo out now; releases 2024 A gritty party-based Soulslike that lets you morph into any one of the four heroes in your party instantly mid-combat. Developed by Trialforge Studio.

  • Volgarr the Viking II | August 6, 2024 Sequel to the brutal Norse-inspired action-platformer, with modern quality-of-life options like checkpoints and save states added. Developed by Digital Eclipse and Crazy Viking Studios.

  • Knights in Tight Spaces | Demo out now From Ground Shatter, the creators of Fights in Tight Spaces, a medieval tactical deckbuilder with an even more stylish illustrated look and the team's classic animated fight sequences.

  • Neon Blood | Q4 2024 A cyberpunk RPG graphic adventure about a wanted former-cop-turned-revolutionary, with a dialogue-based detective system and turn-based combat. Developed by ChaoticBrain Studios.

  • SteamWorld Heist II | August 8, 2024 A turn-based gunfighting game where you and a ragtag crew of Steambots meticulously line up your shots and leverage ricochets to hit targets. Developed by Thunderful Development.

  • Kiborg | "The Arena" demo out August 2024 A sci-fi action game with procedurally generated missions, hundreds of combat modifiers and cybernetic implants to fine-tune your build. Developed by Sobaka Studio.

  • Disco Samurai | Demo out June 10, 2024 A rhythm combat game where both you and your enemies' actions are synced to the beat of electronic music. Developed by Pixel Fiber Games.

  • Killing Time: Resurrected Nightdive Studios, known for updating and preserving retro games, is scooping up 1995 3DO game Killing Time for a remaster of the cult classic haunted house FPS.

  • Tomba! Special Edition | August 1, 2024 The Tomba! rerelease arrives on modern platforms this summer and features quality-of-life improvements; toggles for a remastered soundtrack and analog control; an interview with the creator and more. Developed by Limited Run Games.

  • Project Tides | 2025 Announced with a codename, this massive oceanic open-world platformer comes from Fabraz, the dev behind Demon Turf, and calls it the first "expressive" 3D platformer.

  • In rapid fire, we saw a few games (out of order and mislabeled, actually) including: open world (open sky?) city builder Airborne Empire; squad-based tactical FPS Ascendant; prehistoric metroidvania Primal Planet; and co-op mercenary tactics game Project Haven.

  • Final Knight | Demo out now; releases Q3 2024 A chaotic auto-battler style fantasy action game based on retro beat-em-up gameplay. Developed by 2oclocksoft.

  • Ninja Slayer: Neo Saitama in Flames | 2024 A high-speed action game adapted from the "NinjaSlayer" manga series. Developed by Skeleton Crew Studio.

  • Light Odyssey | Q4 2024 A boss-rush action game with distinct light-and-dark visuals and appropriately enormous bosses. Developed by SSUN Games.

  • Fallen Aces | Demo out now; 2024 A noir immersive sim inspired by '90s shooters where everything is a weapon and 1940s goons are there to be beat down. Developed by Trey Powell and Jason Bond. Published by New Blood, who sent this message of love to industry peers during SGF.

  • EvilVEvil | Demo out now; releases July 16, 2024 A vampire three-player co-op shooter that sees monsters killing monsters and playstyle construction is king. Developed by Toadman Interactive.

  • Antonblast | Demo out now; releases November 12, 2024 A fast-paced platformer all about destroying levels, grabbing booze, and getting out of there as fast as you can. Wario fans and Peppino fans sign up. Developed by Summitsphere.

  • Wizard of Legend II | Demo out now 3D sequel to a roguelike classic, four-player wizarding co-op action whose focus is on combining spells for big power moves. Developed by Dead Mage.

  • Clock Tower: Rewind | 2024 Re-release of a survival horror classic that leaves its best bits and play style untouched, simply adds modern amenities, a new animated opening, voice acting, and more. Developed by WayForward and Limited Run Games.

  • Post Trauma Step into the shoes of a middle-aged train conductor looking for a way home amidst a horrifying blend of organic and industrial horrors. Developed by Red Soul Games.

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Into the Pit A pixel art adaptation of a FNAF book that sees a young child diving into a ball pit to solve some pizzeria mysteries while being chased down by horrifying animatronics. Developed by Mega Cat Studios.

  • Hollowbody | Demo out now Tech-noir horror with a delivery person wandering into a dangerous exclusion zone to save their partner. Developed by Headware Games.

  • Demonschool A turn-based tactics RPG whose "plan and execute" phases make combat dynamic; silly writing makes exploring enjoyable. Developed by Necrosoft Games.

  • Projekt Z: Beyond Order Nazi zombies eat your hearts out. Four-player zombie survival co-op that either has you running through missions or roaming a dangerous island freely. Developed by 314 Arts.

  • The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest | 2025 Half parody, half love letter to classic Castlevania, it tasks you with assembling Dracula piece by piece, just to kill him again and restore your honor after Stan Helsing stole it by killing Drac first. Developed by Programancer and Retroware.

  • Urban Myth Dissolution Center An episodic mythological detective game where you're (dis)solving anomalies and urban myths. Horrifying pixel art and spooky vibes. Developed by Shueisha Games.

  • Cozy Dungeons Clear out a dungeon of monsters and trash in this dungeon-cleaner action-adventure. Kill monsters, clean up dungeons, restore it to its previous glory. Developed by Them Handsome Fellas.

  • DoubleShake A platformer all about making mischief and solving problems by grabbing things and shaking them. PSX aesthetic and 2.5D exploration. Developed by Rightstick Studios LLC.

  • The Land of the Magnates | Demo available now An action-adventure game rooted in Middle Eastern myths that sees you using the power of music to restore life to a region silenced by the death of the queen. Developed by Permanent Way Games.

  • Creatures of Ava | 2024 A creature-saver game that sees you using music and empathy to save a planet in distress. Focused on understanding the environment before saving it. Developed by Inverge Studios.

  • Egging On Egg. Rage. Game. Roll around and use the odd shape of the egg to platform efficiently up a precarious tower, lest you fall all the way back down. Meant to be difficult as hell. Developed by Eggbounds.

  • MOTORSLICE | 2025 A Prince of Persia-inspired acrobatic action-adventure game that sees a girl wake up in a tower with the goal of... destroying heavy machinery. Fight excavators, cranes, and more. Developed by Regular Studio.

  • The Secret of Crystal Mountain Explore the entirety of Crystal Mountain as a little fox guy and their round bird pal. Make deliveries and solve intuitive puzzles as you go. Lil' guys helping lil' guys. Developed by Revolutron.

  • Little Problems | 2024 A cozy mystery game all about solving mundane everyday problems with the same complexity of a game like Case of the Golden Idol. Developed by Posh Cat Studios.

  • Day of the Shell A "one click, one turn" turn-based tactical roguelike that sees your revolver-toting hero going from island to island to find the heart of the Islands. Developed by Duper Games.

  • Cataclismo | Demo out now; July 16, 2024 Real-time strategy meets tower defense meets LEGO bricks? Inspired by brick-building, build your own little towers and paths forward. Developed by Digital Sun (Moonlighter).

  • Grit & Valor | 2025 Commandeer a team of three mechs in an alternate dieselpunk WW2 setting to demolish waves of robotic Nazis in pure tactical action. Developed by Milky Tea Studios.

  • Kriegsfront Tactics | TBA A tactical RPG set in an alternate 1970s in Southeast Asia. Manage your squad, tinker with every single part of your mech, and destroy oppressive forces. Developed by Toge Productions.

  • Starminer | 2024 Early Access A hard sci-fi spaceship simulator that considers the weight, thrust, and fuel in every single mission thanks to a robust physics simulation system. Developed by CoolAndGoodGames.

  • Chocolate Factory | June 18, 2024 Industrialize a candy planet and build your dream chocolate factory in this crafting automation game inspired by Satisfactory. You can kill gingerbread men too. Developed by Tbjbu2.

  • Rebots | Demo out now; 2024 Program a bunch of bots and fulfill the needs of your clients and company in this pastel-shaded silly resource management game. Developed by FlatPonies.

  • Monterona | Demo out now An adorable little scene-builder that dynamically reacts to where you place things. Build out these scenes based on your grandma's stories about her past and share them with other players. Developed by Slava Korolev.

  • Beloved Rapture | Demo out now; 2024 An indie JRPG inspired by SNES classics that focuses on telling a cinematic story with modern themes and natural LGBTQ+ story implementation. No grinding, tons of minigames, doesn't overstay its welcome. Developed by Rapturous Studio.

  • Dungeon Clawler | Demo out now; Q3 2024 A claw machine roguelike that has you scooping up the tools to fight and defend from enemies. Choose a unique character, build out a "deck" of items, and go as far as you can. Developed by Stray Fawn Studio.

  • W.I.L.D. Tactics Developers The Wild Gentlemen continue to build out the Clawville universe with this tactical RPG that sees a ragtag team of misfits taking on organized crime.

  • Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire | 2024 Build a squad of sky pirates, take on your foes in turn-based dogfights, and explore the Studio Ghibli-esque world in your plane in this Skies of Arcadia-ish RPG. Developed by Octeto Studios.

  • Bittersweet Birthday | Q2 2025 A trippy action game that blends Soulslike combat cycles with bullet hell chaos in a tight narrative package. Developed by World Eater Games.

  • Escape from Ever After In this Paper Mario-inspired RPG, destroy a corporation whose only goal is to take full control of all the worlds hidden within storybooks. Minigame-driven combat and developed by Sleepy Castle Studio.

  • Aethermancer A monster-taming roguelite where failure teaches your creatures lessons they take into the next life and progression of both creature and tamer is key. Developed by moi rai games.

  • Echo Generation: Midnight Edition The re-release of a voxel-based '80s adventure game about kids fighting back against horrible monsters in their small town. Turn-based RPG action and adventure game exploration. Developed by Cococucumber.

  • The Axis Unseen | October 2024 From one of the minds behind Skyrim, Starfield, and Fallout comes this hunting horror game that sees you using your special senses and elemental arrows to hunt folklore-inspired monsters. Developed by Just Purkey Games.

  • Slime Heroes | Demo available now A slimey Soulslike with both single-player and co-o. Use the morphing abilities of your slimes to turn into giant boots and hammers to destroy your enemies in a colorful, magical world. Developed by Pancake Games.

  • Deadlink | Demo and game out now Cyberpunk roguelike FPS all about watching numbers go up, taking out multi-phase boss fights, and constantly pushing through randomized runs. Developed by Gruby Entertainment.

  • Elsie | Demo out now A neon-drenched cyberpunk adventure roguelike full of precision parries and synergy-based builds. Developed by Knight Shift Games.

  • Grifford Academy | Demo out now; 2024 Get sucked into a fantasy world via a magical book and try to save your missing brother in this turn-based RPG with an emphasis on building up the personalities of your classmates through visual novel-esque story sequences. Developed by LandShark Games.

  • Bloodless | Demo out now; August 29, 2024 Take out your enemies non-lethally in this traditional Japanese adventure that has you dispatching the samurai army you deserted. Beautiful monochromatic style. Developed by Point N’ Sheep.

  • Toxic Crusaders | Demo out now; 2024 A side-scrolling beat ‘em up that hearkens back to SNES classics, adapting a classic '90s animated series. Four-player chaos and beautiful pixel art. Developed by Retroware.

  • Devilated | Demo out now; game out in Early Access A brutal '90s-inspired shooter-RPG hybrid with buckets of blood, a robust modding community, and tons of gaming references littered all throughout. I read something about… Blood Mesa? Developed by Trunka.

  • Iron Meat | Demo out now; 2024 Classic run n’ gun action a la Contra that sees you and a friend destroying “The Meat,” a fleshy beast that’s consuming the world. Customize your characters and take down ferocious bosses. Developed by Ivan Valeryevich Suvorov and Retroware.

  • Beyond the Ice Palace II Come back to life, break free from your prison, and punish those who put you there in this Metroidvania sequel to a 1988 ZX Spectrum classic. Developed by Storybird Studio.

  • Renaine | Demo out now This action platformer features an incredibly jazzy soundtrack, an adorable pet named Chompy, and responsive platforming gameplay that promises to be ready for speedrunners. Developed by Octosoft.

  • Immortal Hunters | Demo out now A co-op beat 'em up with RPG elements and a decidedly Diablo-esque design. Restore the power of the Underground God, expose the lies of those who killed them, and hold back waves of enemies from your convoy. Developed by Admiral Games.

  • Pinball Spire | Demo out now The first-ever proper pinballvania. Shoot your ball around unique stages, unlocking special magical abilities and climbing to the top of the eponymous Pinball Spire. Developed by Apparition Games.

  • ChainStaff Survive on a brutal alien planet with the power of your transforming weapon that's part grapple hook and part staff. Developed by Mommy's Best Games.

  • StormEdge | Q3 2024 Use traps to obliterate waves of elemental enemies in this co-op roguelike to prove your worth to the StormEdge guild. Developed by Shieldbreaking Games.

  • Munch | Q4 2024 In this action roguelike, you're the villainous monster who's bashing through waves of humans. Eat specific elements to evolve into one of 13 playable monsters and rock on in this heavy metal-inspired adventure. Developed by Mac n Cheese Games.

  • Constance | Demo out now; releases late 2025 A beautifully hand-drawn 2D action adventure with fluid animation that sees you exploring the main character's inner world to fight back against the decay brought on by her mental health issues. Chicory + Celeste + Hollow Knight. Developed by btf.

  • Somber Echoes Amidst the constantly collapsing ruins of a Greco-Roman space vessel, master acrobatic combat to fight back against alien beasts and eventually stop your twin sister from destroying the world. Developed by Rock Pocket Games.

Annnnd that's it! All 70+ games showcased at this year's edition of the Guerrilla Collective. If anything caught your eye, let us know in the comments or on Discord, and be sure to give them each a wishlist on Steam. There's much more to come in this game-centric week, so stay tuned! Check our showcase schedule for details and watch many of the shows along with us on Twitch.


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